Granada Nicaragua Central Park

Learning to Enjoy Vacation

Life has a way of sneaking up on you and even the best of intentions get cast to the wayside when your present focus narrows. This past year the internal changes effected during my 14 month backpacking trip in 2013-2014 finally manifested, resulting in a decision which is taking my life in a direction that […]

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Puerto Princesa

Do you want to know long is takes to get to the Philippines from the Richmond? I’ll tell you how long. It’s watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy three times in a row long. It’s Vegas blackout bender long. It took 30+ hours of time from my house to my hostel on Palawan. […]

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Does Traveling Result In Discovering Yourself?

Perhaps you’ve seen the photos floating around the internet, the background a dreamlike landscape, the foreground covered with text saying something like “when one travels and gets lost it’s then you truly find yourself” or some other such inspirational platitude. I wish traveling could easily show you who you are, but it really doesn’t. What […]

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What’s Exciting About Visiting Asia Again?

Excitement is a weird thing in that it’s unpredictable. What strikes me about my upcoming return to Asia is that the shortest leg of my latest planned adventure is the part I’m most excited about. I booked my flight from the Philippines to Japan on a whim. I’ll be there a mere three days. It […]

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Thoughts On Travel In Morocco

It’s not easy for me talk about the downsides of my travels. I hate speaking poorly of any place I visit because I feel that as long as a good story comes out of it then any discomfort and inconvenience faced is worth it. This is a hard thing to remember while in the midst […]

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A Sadly Disappointing Camel Safari

En route back from our camel safari the police waved our van over and the driver exchanged a few words then looked back at us. “The mountain is closed“, he said. “We have to wait or maybe we have to spend the night“. This is not what you want to hear when there’s a seat […]

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The Unexpected Allure of Seaside Essaouira

My desire to visit Morocco I blame solely on the movie Casablanca. Encouraged by a few crazy stories a friend whom traveled there had told me, this North African country seemed mysterious. I imagined deserts. Camels. Maze like bustling markets. Shady characters. All of which I found. Nowhere in that daydream did I expect a […]

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