Travel insurance. There’s a reason people say you need it.

A few years ago, I went to Sri Lanka for a few months. It was great, nice beaches, nice food, great weather. What could possibly go wrong?

That’s why I didn’t buy travel insurance. Who gets sick or injured in paradise?

Me. Turns out. I get injured in paradise.

And this time it wasn’t even my own damn fault!

Somehow, in my first few weeks, I managed to avoid death or serious injury despite

  • Learning to surf during a particularly bad thunderstorm.
  • Refusing to wear a helmet or life jacket to jump off of a cliff into a fast moving river.
  • Driving a tuk-tuk at high speeds through busy streets.
  • Vomiting so powerfully that I lost consciousness and fell head first onto a concrete floor.

And running down some wet moss covered steps purposefully, and falling tail bone first into some hot springs via a very forceful concrete landing.

What finally got me? Catching the bus. If you’ve ever caught a bus in South Asia, you’ll know that it’s quite the experience. A lot of people. A lot of smells. That kind of thing.

So as I was being pushed off the bus by an elderly frail woman, I fell. And busted my ankle. Being the brave and uninsured young soul that I was, I tried to walk off the pain. For 2 weeks. But by the time my foot had swollen to around 5 times the size, I could take the pain no more.

I finally gave in and went to the hospital. I had a broken ankle! Excellent. Not only did I have to fund medical treatment, I also had to miss my flight home because apparently, it’s not good to fly long haul when you’ve just had a plaster cast fitted. So I had to pay for another flight back home, and fund a few more weeks of travel.

Consequently, I arrived home and had to head to a loan place near me to pay for a train ticket to my hometown.